Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Different Perspectives of Dream Interpretation

Recently I had a close friend tell me about what she dreamt about me. As you can guess, this friend of mine is a Muslim and we were friends since I was started studying in my ‘madrasah’ (Islamic school).

Things of course changed between us after she was clear that I had left Islam, but nevertheless she was still friendly towards me. However, I maintained a distance between us, only allowing contact through the internet.

Anyway, she dreamt that I died. Actually, I was already aware that when she told me she had a horrible dream, it should be of my death.

As expected, it was definitely horrible, as well as unbelievable.

She dreamt that after I die, I took a sudden change into the figure of a dog. Of course, this is physically impossible to happen. I don’t think even magic can turn me into such creatures. Of course, unless you believe in Harry Potter.

Anyway, what she told me was that, my dog turned dead body was brought forward to my parents' home and my husband (yea, we got married!) was there as well.

While the ‘imam’ (Muslim priest) was praying upon me and some people were wrapping my body with kafan (white burial shroud), I suddenly started to writhe, and then I turned to the side and started wailing like a baby. Everyone around me went into an utter shock and were frightened. (Too much horror movie I presume. Did anyone think that maybe I went into a coma?)

I told my friend that I knew why I wailed. I told her sarcastically that I wailed because I would never ever wish to be buried as a Muslim, and then I laughed about it. (I know, it’s so cool, like a slap across her face.) Of course, she went, ‘nonsense!’.
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