Thursday, November 26, 2009

I'm free!

Please read my testimony first if you have not read it yet: Sweetness and Sufferings: About Me

With all the blessings and prayers from every member of the FFI, I am glad and excited to let you know that I am finally free. I took the best chance I got and ran away from my parents. It was a huge risk, but I had no choice. Once I changed my name and identity, I made my way to another country and found a family who welcomed me.

During my phone calls, my father tried to justify his behaviour for 'punishing' me. He even had the cheek to claim I dressed indecently during the times I was so-called 'free'. In reality, I dressed very decently with long jeans and t-shirts. When after days I still hadn't returned home, he started threatening me that it's either I return home or never at all and that it was my last chance. I laughed thinking how happy I would be if he left me just like that after I hung up.

Anyway the terrible days are over. Right now I'm in a new country with my new family and yes I'm very happy indeed. Even their dog has welcomed me. -Smiles- I have all my thanks go to Ali Sina and all FFI members for supporting and wanting to help me. The encouragement you all gave me during my ordeal times was so necessary to lift my hopes. So thank you so much Ali and all members for your support and encouragement. -Smiles-

The above post is also posted here: Comment #26038 - Sweetness and Sufferings | Islam | FaithFreedom


  1. wow!
    happy for your new life!
    you will have the chance to be truely human fron now on!
    Life can be so beautiful!
    Let's pray to all those that cannot walk away and have the chance to be treuly free
    God bless you

  2. Hi, I had read your testimony on FFi and am really glad to know you are free,finally.Akll the Best in all your endeavours.

  3. Hello, thank you for your last comments on my blog...
    actually I'm quite low-tech, and have not enough time to investigate in order to enhance (with the advices you gave me) the visibility and ergonomy of the blog...actually I would like to link your blog to mine and as you have some labels added (or rss)...well..I'll try to advance during this week end...thank you for your advices and God bless you always!

  4. Hi, I am a Singaporean too. A 27 years old hindu by the way.I came here after reading your testimonial from Wikiislam. I have read many testimonials from faithfreedom but never from a singaporean, especially an Indian Muslim. You speak Tamil i guess.( A bit Surprise coz indian muslim have many times ridicule Hindus god and traditions)The Fact is all Indian muslims and indian christians were Hindus before. You should read India's History to see how your poor ancestors were converted and tortured by Arabs, Turkey and Moghuls.
    I can't believe even in a country like Singapore there was an family living a Arabian Traditional way. Glad that you have left
    that 'Religion of Peace' to be frank Islam is everything but Peace.
    Ali Sina is a gem. So is M A Khan from
    From now on I will check your website for updates for any islamic news. As your an Indian, my personal suggestions, write more incidents from India. Thank you.

    Wherever you are, since your a fellow singaporean, I wish you luck in whatever you do.
    Take care

    From Krishna

    Take Care


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