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A Muslim gives lecture on true Islam

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If you must realize the evils of Islam, you have to hear it from a devout Muslim himself. Check out the slides of Hasan's "The Koranic World View As It Relates to Muslims in the U.S. Military". If you don't know who Hasan is, search for 'Fort Hood killings.' Here's an analysis:

Slide 3: Islam means submission, surrender and to resign oneself. Notice how it doesn't mean peace, but Hasan conveniently throws in some Syriac to make it seem like Islam means peace. Syriac has never been the language of Islam.

Slide 4: It is clear from this slide that Islam's ultimate objective is Islamic political rule and implementation of Sharia law. Hasan makes it clear that there should be no separation of church (mosque) and state. [There was never a Christian political rule, a Hindu political rule, or a Buddhist political rule. Religion is a personal affair. Therefore Islam is not a religion but a political ideology.] Also note how Fatwa is defined as legal opinions by Islamic leaders/scholars. Remember that no-one is allowed to question these opinions issued as laws.

Slide 5: Hasan acknowledges that Jihad means a holy war, a struggle against the infidels (non-Muslims).

Statistics slides: Not sure how much of these statistics are correct. I don't want to comment on any of them, but at least he didn't claim there are more Muslims than Christians in the world.

Slide 11: Apparently, Hasan is unhappy about the US Muslim clerics issuing vague (politically correct) fatwas which are not on par with the crisp and clear (Koranically correct) fatwas issued by non-US scholars. He also goes on to say that it hurts him bad to see Muslims in the military being engaged against fellow Muslims. [Do they ever care about non-Muslims the way they care so much about one of their own?]

Slide 12: "whoever kills a believer intentionally, his punishment is hell..." what about one who kills a non-believer? How biased the Koran is.

Slide 13: A religion is controlling someone and preventing him from defending his own country, and protecting his own neighbours. Is such a religion worth following?

Slide 16: If verses were revealed as situations/events presented, how does Koran become the book for all times? Oh, the irony.

Slide 17: What's the real difference between abrogation and substitution? Some Muslims use the first verse to claim there is no abrogation. But substitution and abrogation is essentially the same. One question remains. Why does allah have to reveal something for a situation now, and substitute it with something else for another situation later on?

Slide 18: Fear of hell-fire: the blood that runs in the veins of Islam.

Slides 19, 20: Hasan shows how easy it is to be a Muslim. Well, he thinks Gabriel and Michael are angles (think trigonometry!)

Slide 23: One thought I had here is how Muslims blame non-Muslims for taking verses out of context, and taking only parts of verses. Here and in many other slides, Hasan is doing the same. But we must also remember that almost all of the Koran (Qur'an) has no context anyway. Also note how Hasan tries to sympathise with Jews/Christians by touching on Abraham in his presentation.

Slide 25: It is clear here that there is no forgiveness in Islam. You will be called apes, despised and hated for breaking laws. You will be cursed by allah. Yes, by the merciful and forgiving allah!

Slide 26: Ok, so allah does seem to forgive. But wait, "he punishes whom he wills, and shows mercy to who [sic] he wills." So, is our seeking his forgiveness going to change his will? Give these verses a little thought and it becomes clear that our cries for forgiveness are useless in front of allah. Oh, btw you must remember that you have to be a Muslim in the first place even to have the faint hope that you would be forgiven. Otherwise you are going to hell anyway.

Slide 27: Once again, the blood of Islam: F.E.A.R.: False Evidence Appearing Real.

Slides 28, 29, 30: To be dressed in silk, to be in a comfortable weather, to have fruits to eat, to own silver and precious crystals, to drink wine, to have a spring in your backyard, to have boys as your servants (slaves, sex slaves?), to have dominion, to own green silk and gold embroidery, to be served drinks by allah (wow!) -- all of these are desires of the flesh. So why are they fulfilled in the Islamic concept of 'Paradise'? Question is, why is Paradise a place to fulfil the forbidden selfish desires of our flesh, and not a place to be free from these desires and altruistically praise God (as Christianity puts it)?

Slide 34: Funny. If you end up in hell fire, and you want to get out, you'd think you can please allah to get out. Hold on a second, allah decides if he wants to be pleased by you or not. Most likely, he wouldn't want to be pleased by you, my dear kafir (infidel). He's more pleased to see you roast in the fire!

Slide 35: Here comes the glaring point in the whole presentation. Peaceful verses no longer apply! According to Hasan, a devout Muslim, peaceful verses were 'revealed' in Mecca to deliver the message and gain followers. After emigration to Medina, self defense abrogated (substituted?) these verses. Then offensive fighting was allowed. Hasan makes it clear that offensive fighting was allowed. Please take note of this! Muslim apologetics love to claim that only self-defense is allowed in Qur'an. Finally he ends the slide with the reminder that Islamic rule had once spread from Morocco/Spain to India/China, all through offensive fighting.

Slide 36: Remember Hasan claimed earlier that these verses no longer apply. So why are they still in Koran? Well, they are still useful as a mask to hide the real Islam of offensive fighting and expansion.

Slide 37: I can't help but remember the vice-versa of the second verse. How many non-Muslims were put to death simply for the 'crime' of being a non-Muslim? Here allah promises to protect any Muslim who is driven out of their home (country) for being a Muslim. How biased.

Slide 39: Here allah says you must fight in defense, or you will be punished for not fighting. Isn't that a bit lame? Being punished for not defending yourself? Am I to defend myself for the sake of my own life or for the fear of punishment?

Slide 40: Muslims can choose to be kind and just to those non-Muslims who do not make a fight against them. But remember I said, they can choose to be kind and just. They can also choose to cruel and unjust, and this is what most of them do. (Hasan did.) Apparently allah neither encouraged nor mandated being kind and just; he only allowed it.

Keep in mind, according to Hasan, the previous slides of defensive verses are abrogated (shouldn't it be 'substituted'?) by the verses of the sword in the following slides.

Slides 41, 42: One solution to get out alive if you're ambushed by a Muslim hiding in secret just after his hearty Ramadan meal - say the shahada, do three raka'at and pay some zakat money.

Slide 43: If you don't want to become Muslim, Hasan gives you the second option: Become the Muslim's slave. Give your hard earned money as 'jizya' and make those Muslims rich. Acknowledge that Muslims are the only human beings, and you are just pigs and apes, and second class citizens lucky to be allowed to live.

Slide 44: I just said you have to become a Muslim or a pig. Well, when the son of Maryam (isn't that Jesus?) comes, all pigs will be killed. Jizya can be abolished because (as inferred from this verse) there will no longer be any non-Muslim to pay jizya anyway.

Slide 46: The motto verse of Muslim apologetics: There is no compulsion in religion. But see the next slide.

Slide 47: First verse says Christians, Jews and Sabians would all go to heaven and enjoy rewards (72 virgins? Christians are expecting harps to sing praises to their Lord! Not virgins!). But look at second verse. Anyone not following Islam will be a loser and have no reward.

Slide 48: Not sure what Hasan commented on these, but it shows Hasan had some views (positive I guess) about Osama Bin Laden (a hero in Muslims' eyes), Taliban, suicide bombers and Iran. Notice what he puts at the end of the slide: "We love death more than you love life!" Need I say more?

Slide 49: In his conclusions, Hasan is clear that allah is not moderate, and a true Muslim is therefore expected not to be moderate. He disapproves of moderate Muslims as they are not pleasing to allah. First point shows that Islam is sustained by the promises of (fleshly rewards in) heaven and the threats of hell. Fourth point is yet another glaring point Hasan puts across to us: "Fighting to establish an Islamic state to please [allah], even by force, is condoned by the Islam [sic]"

Slide 50: Muslims in military must be allowed to object against fighting other Muslims? What does this mean? If a Muslim invasion occurs in United States, while the loyal non-Muslim U.S. soldiers fight against these invaders to protect their homeland USA and its freedom, the Muslim soldiers in US military would legally commit treason by getting out of these invaders' way and allowing them to invade US soil! Not just that, they will even resign the military and join in the invasion themselves! This is exactly what Hasan wants, and it would be much easier if a bigger chunk of the US military are made of Muslims.


  1. Hello my dear!
    very good post with all essentials rightly pointed out
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  2. Thanks Bibi! I was blown away by the presentation given by Hasan, which exposes true Islam. No Muslim out there to convert non-Muslims would ever consider giving this presentation which exposes the real Islam so well.

    One thing I can't understand is the blindness and stupidity of U.S. military to not see what was right in front of their own eyes.

    Thanks for visiting Sweetness and Sufferings.
    -Blog co-author


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