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Islamic Justice: Muslim "Militants" Stone Man to Death for Adultery

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Source: Islamic Justice: Muslim "Militants" Stone Man to Death for Adultery - Atlas Shrugs

This is sharia. This is Islamic law. This is what Obama demands you respect. Never forget this.

So enamored is the State department of this community, they are importing whole Somali Muslim communities into this country.
Pictured: Islamic militants stone man to death for adultery in Somalia as villagers are forced to watch Daily Mail (hat tip Armaros)
This barbaric scene belongs in the Dark Ages, but pictures emerged today of a group of Islamic militants who forced villagers to watch as they stoned a man to death for adultery.
Mohamed Abukar Ibrahim, a 48-year-old, was buried in a hole up to his chest and pelted with rocks until he died.
The group responsible, Hizbul Islam, also shot dead a man they claimed was a murderer.

Begging for his life: Mohamed Ibrahim appeals to Islamic militants not to carry out the execution as he is buried in the ground as his villagers are forced to watch
But the verdict was so shocking that it prompted a gun battle between rivals within the group that left three militants dead, witnesses said.
The executions took place yesterday in Afgoye, some 20 miles south-west of the capital of Mogadishu.
Hizbul Islam fighters ordered hundreds of residents to a field, where a rebel judge announced that the two men had confessed to murder and adultery.

No mercy: The militants bury Ibrahim in the ground in a village south-west of lawless Mogadishu, Somalia
A woman who had confessed to fornication had been sentenced to 100 lashes, he added.
'This is their day of justice,' the judge, Osman Siidow Hasan, told the crowd. 'We investigated and they confessed.'
But when some Hizbul Islam fighters wanted to delay the executions, a bloody gun battle broke out between the two factions, shocked residents said.

Gruesome end: Hizbul Islam group members pelt Ibrahim until his face is a bloody mess and he dies. His face has been pixellated on grounds of taste

Source: Islamic Justice: Muslim "Militants" Stone Man to Death for Adultery - Atlas Shrugs

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  1. The only surprise to me is that the man got death (he must not have had any mahr to pay), and the woman "only" 100 lashes. Then again, I suppose 100 lashes could have ended up killing her nonetheless.


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