Wednesday, June 4, 2014


-A poem by a very good friend/guide of mine-

I was not an extremist
I was secular
believing wholeheartedly in values of equality ,liberality and justice
innocently walking down the path of life 
minding my own business
and helping everyone who wanted help
I was not an extremist

I was not for or against any religion
no matter how ridiculous it seemed
or how violent people told me one or another is
I was not an extremist

I believed in freedom of expression
I believed in equality
tolerating 9/11 ,ignored the cries of innocent
who burned on the grounds of religion
and are apparently forgotten in the smoke of gunpowder
emanating from the hands of muslims
which conducted such hideous crimes upon humanity
again and again and again
because I forgot those cries which were ignored
I tolerated the intolerant

I still believed Islam is not what terrorists do
I still believed Terrorists have no religion
and hollow sweet things like those
I neither supported muscular liberalism
nor I broke my friendship with muslims
I even ignored their lecherous eyes on little white girls
who were playing with dolls and having tea parties
and what a fool I was as I did not slash their throats
when they celebrated their eid by gangraping the little ones
throwing them into the endless abyss of whoredom
I stopped myself from doing so because
I still believed that justice will prevail
SEE..I was not an extremist at all !!

I paid my taxes in full
thinking that the governors will use the coins
on enforcing law against everything inhuman
little didst I know coins will be melted
and will be forged into swords of muslims
which would slash the likes of myself
because of my innocence ...
I was not an extremist .

I forced my fingers into my ears
to stop the whimpering of young Pakistani Hindu girls
from reaching to my awareness and shake the ground of belief
beneath my crutches of pseudological equality

I closed my eyes when muslims tortured them in Egypt, UK,Sweden ,India
because I was following that Mahatma ,who himself was pervert
I did not speak a word against islam …partially out of fear of persecution by my own country
and partially because I believed in Mahatma’s irrefutability
as apparent from all these lines ..I was certainly a so called good guy
and I was surely not an extremist .

but one night …I was cringing in my sleep
feeling helpless ,confused
agony of all my cowardice
took me into the realm of truth
I saw hideous muslims laughing
sitting on the pile of heads
inside their safe sanctuary of the cemetery of humanity
called mosques
thighing infant daughters of humanity
Announcing Allahu-akbar
before gangraping the 6 year olds
I cried for help ..but nobody came
I just saw shadows of those who were killed
by the hands of islam …and they were ridiculing me
ignoring me …just as I did with them
Muslims splashed the blood of their victims upon me
and thus burned my crutches of hollow equality
I fell … I fell from my safe heavens of ignorance
into the darkness of revenge
By splashing the blood of innocents
on me
they created a Monster !!
and Monster is what they will get
and Monstrosity is what they deserve
I am no longer a secularist
I am no longer indifferent
I am no longer a believer

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