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Rifqa Bary

Why does one call Islam a peaceful religion? Has anyone truly read the Quran and Hadith and understand it?

I myself was ignorant and I’m not a person who would sit down and take my time to read these translations of the Quran or know more about the Hadith, until Rifqa Bary’s story was brought to me.

Does anyone know who Rifqa Bary is?

Rifqa Bary: "I want to be free"

She is the voice of all apostates. She is a 17 year old girl converted to Christian and is fighting for her life and freedom in Florida. She has said that her father had threatened her that he would kill her.

“I was threatened by my dad, he took the laptop and waved in the air and he was about to beat me with it. He said: ‘If you have this Jesus in you heart, you’re dead to me. You are not my daughter.’

Rifqa Bary: ‘Well, I’m a Christian, and my parents are Muslim. They’re extremely devout. And they can’t know about my faith – well, they do now. But they’ve threatened to kill me. I don’t know if you know about honor killing….You guys don’t understand. Islam is very different than you guys think. They have to kill me. My blood is now halal, which means that because I am now a Christian, I’m from a Muslim background, it’s an honor. If they love God more than me, they have to do this. And I’m fighting for my life, you guys don’t understand. You don’t understand.’
Robert Spencer here:
Islam’s death penalty for apostates is only a dead letter if no one cares or is able to enforce it in a particular case, but it is deeply rooted within Islam. Some argue that it derives from Qur’an 4:89, which speaks of those who have embraced the Islamic faith and then turned “renegade,” directing Muslims to “seize them and slay them wherever ye find them.” Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, said, “Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him” (Bukhari, vol. 9, bk. 84, no. 57). This is a universal principle in Islamic law. The Islamic scholar and ex-Muslim Ibn Warraq explains that all the schools of Islamic jurisprudence teach this: “Under Muslim law, the male apostate must be put to death, as long as he is an adult, and in full possession of his faculties….According to Hanafis and Shia, a woman is imprisoned until she repents and adopts Islam once more, but according to the influential Ibn Hanbal, and the Malikis and Shafiites, she is also put to death.”
Fathima Rifqa Bary converted into Christian, four years ago. She had been keeping her faith in secret, until a member of the mosque her father attends frequently shade in the light of her second life.

Rifqa ran away from home in fear for her life, from Ohio to Florida to a home of a lovely Pastor couple whom she met in Facebook. The took her in, until the police came to their door.

Rifqa is under threat both because of Islam’s apostasy law and because, as she herself explains, by converting to Christianity she has besmirched the family’s honor: “In 150 generations of my family no one has known Jesus. I am the first one. Imagine the honor in killing me. There is great honor in that.”

Above: Rifqa’s parents and brother

Rifqa is now arguing in court, for her life. The last I heard, the judge allows her to stay in Florida, but her hearing will still be going on. Her next court hearing will be on 29th September.

Mohamed and Aysha Bary left Sri Lanka in 2000 with their two kids, Rifqa and an older brother, and moved to New York (their third child, a boy, was born in the United States). The reason: concern about Rifqa's well-being. As a child, she'd fallen on a toy airplane that pierced her right eye. Doctors in Sri Lanka wanted to remove the eye, prompting Mohamed to relocate the whole family so Rifqa could obtain better medical treatment. In the end, her eye was spared, though she can't see out of it. Then, in 2004, Mohamed moved the family again, this time to seek a better public education for the kids. He settled on the Columbus area, which had highly ranked schools. At New Albany High School, Rifqa excelled. She maintained a 3.5 grade-point average and became a member of the cheerleading squad.

Rifqa did not fall on a toy plane. Her brother threw a hard object at her eye and caused her blindness. And her father did not get her "better medical treatment". He used it to get to America (according to Williams). Newsweek goes on to say, "in the end her eye was spared, though she can't see out of it". Huh?
How is that possible that her eye was spared and she can’t see it? There are specialist especially in America who could retrieve Rifqa’s sight and even if they couldn’t, why hadn’t they thought of something else that would not make her one blind-eye so obvious?

Pamela Gellar, owner of the site, Atlas Shrugs, who is firmly on the case of Rifqa Bary, taking down every single thing that happened within the court and enlightening everyone regarding Rifqa’s case said this to Rifqa’s bestfriend, Brian Williams, also a church pastor which she was baptized in:
Atlas: They're terrible, but when she's free and she's able to travel on her own, I'm hoping that she comes to New York, because I have somebody that will fit her eye with a perfect eye, and you won't know that she doesn't have vision in that eye. I'm hoping that, but she has to be eighteen, but just that she knows that's in her future. You  know, that's in her future.
If she knows of such specialist, why doesn’t her parents knew of one? Being a jewelry store owner, Mohamed Bary should have had many contacts through which he could search for such specialist if he truly wanted to do everything in his hand for his only daughter.
Reader Julia points out:

If Rifqa's parents were so concerned about the well-being of their daughter, why have they not had her fitted with an ocular prosthesis? The cost is not prohibitive. Look at number 8 ("How much will my prosthesis cost?") here.

The cost at Midwest is a mere $700 - just over $2000.  There is insurance and financing available, too.

The ONLY parts of the body that show under that hateful burkha are hands and the EYES.  Even the most selfish parents could at least foresee that they could never unload Rifqa to a proper Muslim husband if her eyes were ugly beneath the Burkha.  Or perhaps they would wish not to have her poor physical state reflect negatively upon their care?

How about unselfish parents?  Even the most insensitive nominal parent who maintains a modicum of concern for the child would at least wish the child to cease to labor with that ...

Rifqa almost always covers that eye. It IS an issue for her.
Extract from Atlas Interview: Rifqa Bary's Best friend in Ohio: Brian Williams - Atlas Shrugs
Did the parents really moved to America to get their only daughter a doctor or was it just an excuse?

If it’s an excuse, did they plan the whole idea? Getting the brother to hit her, blinding her, bringing her to the doctor, using the excuse of getting a better doctor in America to settle there. Could that be it?
The Islamic machine is in full swing. Their priority is to separate Rifqa from her supporters, her friends, her fortress against the jihad against her. The belligerent, hostile new Islamist lawyer for Mohamed Bary has tried vigorously to get John Stemberger (Rifqa's lawyer) removed. He shrieked in the court room that Rifqa's guardian ad litem was in cahoots with Rifqa's legal counsel (and what is their evil agenda? Rifqa's well being?). The Muslim offense is to restrict Rifqa's visitation with her close friends and Shayan Elahi (the Islamic lawyer) recommended to the judge that "medication" be administered to Rifqa.
Do you see where this is going?
Extract from Today's Muslim Meme: The Church is "Cashing In" off Rifqa - Atlas Shrugs
My question here, what are the Muslims afraid of? What are the Bary’s and the Noor mosque communities afraid of? Why are they restricting Rifqa’s friends visitation? What are they trying to do? And why restricting John Stemberger, Rifqa’s lawyer? Afraid that they might win with him by her side, because he truly cared for the girl?

This is something to be pondered on. Rifqa’s only solace is her friends, removing them is like sentencing her to life in prison. At this point of time, she is very distress and stressed, fearing for her life as she had said. Everyday is a nightmare for her, and she needs her friend to hold her and say it will be fine. Why, for the Bary’s family and Noor Mosque members, including Shayan Elahi, is that too much to be asked for?

I put to you that ‘Honor Killing’ exists! Yes, the Qur’an don’t exactly use that word but they did not deny of such killings either. According to the Qur’an:
Recall that your Lord inspired the angels: "I am with you; so support those who believed. I will throw terror into the hearts of those who disbelieved. You may strike them above the necks, and you may strike even every finger." [12] This is what they have justly incurred by fighting GOD and His messenger. For those who fight against GOD and His messenger, GOD's retribution is severe. [13] Surah 8:12-13 by Rashad
Accordingly to the Hadith it state clearly why killing of apostates must be done and why it is an honor:

From Bukhari’s collection:
No doubt I heard Allah's Apostle saying, "During the last days there will appear some young foolish people who will say the best words but their faith will not go beyond their throats (i.e. they will have no faith) and will go out from (leave) their religion as an arrow goes out of the game. So, wherever you find them, kill them, for whoever kills them shall have reward on the Day of Resurrection."
It is an honor for a Muslim to kill apostates because it is only then they will be rewarded on the Day of Resurrection.

Why are people turning a blind eye to this?


  1. Fake that you are a muslim. Start reading the hate manual day in and day out or atleast pretend to. ask for forgiveness and quote some quranic verses like the one "He leads whom he wills and he misleads whom he wills" Tell your parents that you were possesed by satan and now you have realized your mistakes. At the first opportunity, get out and move out of the country.

  2. Hello my dear
    I read your story over there at faithfreedom!!
    If I can help you in some way..please tell me or let me know

    In the meantimeI'll pray for you!

    (There is some food for brain at my blog: hope it will help you)

    take care my dear

  3. Just like to let you know that I read your letter in FFI and that I sympathize with you. Please be strong and be smart and be very careful. You have many many years ahead of you and your parents won't live forever. Your no.1 priority is protect yourself in whatever way you can. If it means you have to pretend to be someone you are not, just do it. Remember you are young and have time on your side. Hang in there and you shall be free eventually. A friend in Kuala Lumpur.

  4. Thank you everybody for such support. -Smiles weakly- Yeah, I'm holding on and I'm doing what Muslims do best because Allah says it's ok, 'Taqiyyah'. -Smiles- Though at times I get really scared and it brings me nightmares, I still know that something is there for me and that's the only hope I'm holding onto. I refuse to believe that I may not have any future. Perhaps that's the key. -Shrugs-
    Anyways, isn't suicide 'haram'? And then they have such thing called as 'Suicide Bombing'. I really pity all these so-called Martys. They die without a vain. I mean seriously, I'm afraid when they do wake up in their death world (if there is one), they would eventually find the truth. There's no heaven or hell, neither any virgin girls surrounding them. There will only be them and darkness in the end.
    Oh bibi, i like your name. -Smiles- And yea I check a bit of your blog. Found it interesting. -Smiles- Will read more soon...

  5. the most important thing...for the time that you regained your smile ;-)

    continue like that my dear

    I'm here for you

    Bibi ;-)


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