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Muslim's Blindness

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Co-Author: What do you think of this? [The Punishment of Apostasy in Islam - Part 1: Qur`anic Perspective]
Sweetness and Sufferings: Hold on. Do you want me to read all [of it]?
Co-Author: No, if you don't want to. Anyway I'm reading and writing about it. I skimmed through once.
Sweetness and Sufferings: Oh. Well, my opinion: sounds irrelevant. See, most out there aren't following their fathers. Instead they are furthering their knowledge. Take my parents for example. Their parents were nothing extremist. Well my grandfather was sort off but he dropped. [He reached a] spiritual level and he went mad. That's not the point though. The point is, my father didn't just follow his father. He took responsibility to go ahead and learn about Islam. By himself. So did my mother. She was not in any Muslim 'following' family. Yea they were Muslims, but none of them prayed until at some certain age. They all wanted to gain knowledge. But they were not extremists. My mom was one of them who went into [being an] extremist.
Co-Author: So if they went in search of knowledge, what went wrong?
Sweetness and Sufferings: They become 'Fana'. It's an Arabic term for 'obsessed'. They got all obsessed. Their mind focusing that Allah is God and Muhammad is prophet. Defy any of these two, and burning hell is where you will suffer. They built their own fears.
Co-Author: Where did they find knowledge?
Sweetness and Sufferings: They studied first in classes. Mom used to read a lot of Islamic books. And then they met my cousin's father, who is a teacher. And they learnt from him. Actually before him was another teacher who is also part of the Jama'ah. It was through my cousin's father [that] they got more involved. Until they were in the Jama'ah (congregation). My mother started learning from the other teacher I told you about, before she married. She was obsessed before she was married. It's like getting obsessed about being thin. Imagine girls all over the world. They got so obsessed. Some start force puking and getting themselves hospitalized. Weak and dead. Obsession kills. Their obsession poisons minds.
Co-Author: Yes.
Sweetness and Sufferings: And they try to infiltrate into young adults. It passes on generation after generation. But see, not everyone just goes on and follow their fathers. If my parents did, they wouldn't be who they are today. And why is violence still happening? Unlike this guy in the website is claiming, this has nothing to do with Christians or Jews. It has everything to do with the actual Qur'an and Hadith. If this book was truthfully a book from God, such mistakes will never have been detected. Why would God influence people and scare them as well? Everyone wants to love God on their own will. Not fake it because they fear. That's not God. That's Hitler.
Co-Author: You're right.
Sweetness and Sufferings: Yea. God should be perfect. It is not necessary for Him to make us perfect. This world is revolving in balance. So, humans are exceptional imperfect creatures [but they are imperfect] just like every other creature in God's [creation]. They are all part of the universe. Part of this vast thing God created.
Co-Author: Hmm. So do you think if you learn what they learnt, you would become like them? 'Fana'? And why is it that if they chose not to follow their parents, they are unwilling to give you that choice as well?
Sweetness and Sufferings: No. In fact, I'm actually learning through, just like they are learning. No I'm never going to become 'Fana' because I see the real truth behind Islam. It took me awhile to realize, just like every other apostate. We learn and we realize. The real truth behind why we became such apostates is because we have open minds. In some way, I can say yes, these people do follow their father. But not entirely. They follow their fathers thinking that Islam is the right way. They didn't stop to think that perhaps it is not. They continued in the path, searching for more knowledge in Islam to be in a much stronger bond to it. We, apostates, we search for more knowledge to learn the truth. That's where the difference lies. When you are searching for one particular thing, you don't read the rest. You just search for that particular word. Am I right?
Co-Author: Yes, you're right.
Sweetness and Sufferings: It's a focus of the mind. It's science. It's normal.
Co-Author: We find what we look for.
Sweetness and Sufferings: Exactly. These are like-minded Muslims. They are all the same. They put their mind to a thought – to gain knowledge to be [in a] much closer bond. We apostates, it's a open mind. So everything is open to us. And that's why we see the faults and they do not. Because they became blind, closing themselves off to the other words which they are suppose to see. Now what was the next question?
Co-Author: Why is it that if they chose not to follow their parents, they are unwilling to give you that choice as well?
Sweetness and Sufferings: See, the whole idea in their mind is [being] firmed about Islam. They chose not to walk in the same possible path as their fathers. But they did not choose a total different path. Instead they continued the path. Their fathers stood there, thinking enough is enough. These extremists, they don't. They search n search. Walking the path, gaining more knowledge and a closer bond. And why aren’t they willing to give me the choice? They are. They're willing to give me the choice to continue the path they walked. And not stand still at where they stopped. That's how extremists are born. Over n over again.
Co-Author: Why didn't they realize then? Why didn't they think about what they were learning?
Sweetness and Sufferings: They couldn't realize it after learning a dictator religion. Look at what Allah said and what Muhammad put. FEAR. Everything has fear in it. Like you say, there's lots of repetition within the Qur'an regarding hell and heaven and the punishment. That's manipulating your mind to fear. How can you realize anything? It's like one is put in a black pit for too long. They forgot about the brightness they were from. They thought, this black pit is where they belong. They live with it. They don't think of breaking out anymore. Manipulation of the mind. Science again. And why didn't they think about what they were learning? Like I said, their intention was clear. [Their] objective was to get a closer bond, not to learn the truth. So how can they think about what they learn when they only see what they want to learn? Right? It's called [being] blind to facts. They are like in their own illusion.
Co-Author: OK. Is it possible to show them the light? Since they are in black pit now.
Sweetness and Sufferings: When one has stayed in black pit too long, they cannot stand the light shone upon them. They will shriek. They will burn, like a vampire. It can't be in the light anymore, as it has accepted its darkness. To them, that light is death.
Co-Author: I was thinking of editing this and posting it on your blog.
Sweetness and Sufferings: Yea, you should do it. And put it under the title "Muslim's Blindness".

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